Spicy Grilled Vodka Shrimp
    1. Preheat grill to medium high. In a medium bowl combine, oil, garlic, lime juice, chili flakes, salt and cumin. Pat shrimp dry with a paper towel and toss with oil mixture. Thread shrimp alternating with jalapeño slices onto skewers being sure to skewer through head and tail of shrimp thereby making the shrimp lay flat.
    2. Place a cast iron platter or grill plate onto grill and allow to heat for at least 10 minutes. Grill shrimp for approximately 2-3 minutes per side until slightly charred, turning once or twice to get good char coverage.
    3. At the grill remove shrimp and jalapeño slices from skewers onto cast iron plate. Remove from grill, turn off grill and close lid. While everything is hot, pour vodka over shrimp and ignite using a BBQ lighter. Flames will shoot 2-3 feet high and quickly dissipate. Serve immediately garnished with chopped cilantro, red onion and lime wedges.
    Recipe Notes

    -If using wooden skewers, be sure to soak accordingly. You should be able to fit 4 shrimp onto each skewer, divided by jalapeño slices.

    -It’s important to use cast iron for this.  Using ceramic, metal or anything with a coating is likely to crack and chip after pouring liquid on its hot surface.


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