The Taste Box

The Taste Box

Today I’m excited to unbox for you my first Taste Box in collaboration with The Taste Box, a Canadian company shipping culinary ingredients  throughout Canada and the United States. I have been compensated for an unboxing of their product, the views and opinions in this post are my own.

Need cooking inspiration, love gourmet ingredients, The Taste Box can help by delivering a thoughtful collection of quality ingredients right to your door. Every month has a different theme with 3-5 gourmet ingredients and recipe ideas, evoking the creative in all of us.   So whether you’re entertaining or cooking a weeknight meal for your family, let The Taste Box help make your meals manageable, social and most of all enjoyable!

While I have much to say about the product, it was the anticipation and excitement of the forthcoming ingredients that made this collaboration so much fun.  Gourmet, quality ingredients arriving at my doorstep was hard not to be anticipated, especially when the ingredients were a surprise.

So let’s get started and have a look at what needs unboxing. The box is compact, clearly labeled and intact. Once I open the box, I am presented with a card that indicates that this is The Founder’s Box and gives a brief description of the box’s inspiration. On the back of the card I find a list of the included ingredients along with a description of each and suggested recipes found on their site The Taste Box  Underneath the first card is a second information card on Barocco coffee. So yes, it’s a give away that there’s coffee somewhere in here.

Once I remove the cards the first ingredient to be found is a package of coffee surrounded with the breakable items tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned by loose cardboard shreds. All components are well packed and undamaged.

A closer look at the first ingredient out of the box reveals a 150 gram pack of medium roast, ground Arabica coffee to go along with the information card on Barocco coffee. Great used as is for a solid cup of coffee, but don’t forget it can be used in baking, beverages, confections and rubs.  Coffee pairs well with cream, brandy, and lamb to name a few.

The next awesome ingredient to my surprise is pomegranate molasses, a relatively generous amount considering it’s a reduction. It comes in a lovely spouted cruet bottle with a small handle, and it is a pure reduction of pomegranate juice, no sugar added. It’s bold and tangy, making it fantastic for dressing salads, stirring into beverages, glazes, marinades and sauces. Pomegranate molasses pairs well with olive oil, mustard and meats.

Tucked into the side I find a vibrant blue sachet of Herbs de Provence. A liberal portion at 50 grams, which is more than the average grocery store bottle. A lovely blend of dried herbs from the Provence region of France. This particular blend includes rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram and savoury. You’ll want to use this blend of herbs with roasted or braised meats, vegetables and stews. Pairs well with Dijon mustard and olive oil. Yes, I think I see a theme forming here!

The last item I find nestled in the box is a gorgeous amber organic extra virgin olive oil. Meaning it’s unrefined and not altered by chemicals or temperature. A modest size bottle, but that’s okay since it’s meant to be used for finishing cold dishes and salads, not for filling the frying pan. Having a peppery note it marries well with herbs, pasta and garlic to name just a few of the many foods it will be great with.

Now that the unboxing has occurred and the mystery collection of ingredients are revealed in the Founder’s Box,  my mind ponders the culinary possibilities and sparks my passion for cooking great food.  You’ll want to check back soon to see which items I use together, and of course to get another great recipe from Compelled To Cook.  Many thanks to The Taste Box  for this collaboration and the quality ingredients I have been afforded the opportunity to work with.